Supplies for Your Senior Dog

Supplies for your senior dog

Figuring out what supplies you need for a new senior pup is daunting. Just walking through a pet supply store or looking online can be overwhelming.  From water and food bowls to sweaters and beds, we’ll talk about it all right here! Four Important Things to Mention  Items are not listed in order of importance … Read more

Caring for Yourself While Caring for a Sick Dog

Caring for yourself while caring for a sick dog

Since starting my Facebook group Senior Dog Care Club, I’ve had the pleasure, and honour, to meet an amazing group of parents taking incredible care of their senior dogs.    At the same time, I’ve read lots of accounts of those who are caring for very sick dogs and these members are stressed, anxious, sad, confused, … Read more

My Life as a Dog with Dementia

My life as a dog with dementia

My name is Red, or Rosie as my wonderful mom likes to call me, and I am a dog with dementia. Oh no, I haven’t even started my story yet and there she is with the waterworks already! This morning my mom, Hindy, decided to write a follow up post about what it’s like living … Read more

28 Great Ways to Spoil Your Old Dog

Best ways to pamper your senior dog

Of course we take amazing care of our senior dogs, that goes without saying. They snuggle with us when we’re feeling down, jump for joy when we walk through the door (or just wag their tail if they can’t jump!) and are the best companions ever. Sounds like they deserve a little extra pampering!! From … Read more