The Must Have Bed Every Senior Dog Needs

As our much loved furry friends age, providing them with a comfortable and supportive bed becomes crucial for their overall well-being. Just like humans, senior dogs may experience joint pain, arthritis, or other health issues that can impact their quality of sleep. A suitable bed can help alleviate these discomforts while providing a cozy spot to relax.

The must have bed every senior dog needs, is the one he wants to spend time in!

My dog Jack spent many of his days on the back of the couch, waiting to tell off anyone who had the nerve to pass by his territory. In the evening after dinner, his bed is where he liked to relax.

Dogs Need to Have a Place to Call Their Own, and Here’s Why

♦ Sense of safety and security

♦ Extra support to help cushion joints, especially if dealing with arthritis or other joint issues

♦ There’s nothing worse than begging at the table, so teaching your dog to go in his bed where a delicious bone is waiting for him, will make meal time more enjoyable for everyone

♦ Cooling beds provide relief from the summertime heat

♦ Self-warming beds give comfort on cooler days and nights

♦ Even if your dog seems to like sleeping on the floor, it will eventually become painful for him to continue

♦ If your dog is not allowed on the furniture, then a bed is a must

♦ At the end of the day your dog deserves a warm and comfy place to call his own

How to Choose a Dog Bed Your Pup Will Love

We’d all love to pick a dog bed our pup will love on the first try, but what makes it perfect for one may be ignored by another. What he loves today, he may not love in 6 months from now.

That’s when it becomes a case of trial and error, and sometimes it’s a bit of a blow to the pocket book! While I can’t guarantee your first choice will be THE one, these tips can definitely help increase the chances!

Be sure to read until the end of the article, because there is a section called Hear From the Experts you don’t want to miss

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bed For Your Senior Dog


Measure your dog! Most beds come with dimensions on the label, so the best way to determine if it’s going to be a good fit for your dog is by knowing his measurements. It will help you judge if it’s roomy enough to not only curl up in but also stretch out.


Round, square, rectangular, flat, firm, cushy, raised sides all around, three raised sides, low in the front. Not to mention fun designs such as a pineapple and a shark, and beds that look like mini human ones!

It’s also important to consider how easy it is to get in and out of! How high does your dog have to step to get in? Does he sink in so low he wouldn’t be able to get out/off without help?


Some beds have surprisingly flimsy bottoms that barely offer any padding or support. Some filling can be pretty inexpensive and although poufy when first bought it doesn’t take long to compress and flatten. A younger dog may not mind but a dog with joint problems would certainly appreciate a lot more support.

Foam and even gel are definitely more comfortable, particularly for older dogs that may be dealing with arthritis.

Adding a nice fleece blanket for extra padding and warmth could benefit all dogs.

Outer material

Do you need chew proof for a dog that loves to rip anything he can get his teeth on? How about waterproof for those that have accidents, or water resistant if they’ll be used for relaxing outside? Removable covers are handy for easy washing and a plush fabric like faux sheepskin will provide an extra layer of comfort. 


I love the wide range of prices, so no matter your budget you’ll find something that appeals. While there is something to be said for the “you get what you pay for” school of thinking, a dog bed doesn’t have to be expensive to be perfect for your dog.

Top Picks for Beds for Senior Dogs

This is the section where everyone tells you THE bed you must buy for your dog. Well, I’m afraid I won’t tell you that because the truth is, no one knows what’s best for your dog…except the dog!

Since the only way he can tell is by how much or little he uses it, I’m afraid it’s a case of trial and error.

What I can do is let you hear from the experts in this next section.

Hear From the Experts

I don’t mean the people selling the beds, I mean the humans speaking on behalf of those using them!!

“Leela likes her donut bed and her orthopaedic mattress. Sometimes she has to share it” 

“Fred’s preference changes depending on time of day. After morning walk and meal he takes over grandpaws bed! With weak legs if he gets off human bed his next option is the regular large bed on the floor just beside it where he curls or snuggles during winter. But often if there are other humans around overnight, you’ll find him here overnight and first thing in the morning. He needs his options 😂🐾❤️”

“Our previous dog loved two round beds stacked (for his arthritis). When he passed Charlie took over ownership. Kya doesn’t like any beds. She prefers to be next to me on the sofa.” 

“My dogs’ favorite bed is my bed. Both are bed hogs!” 

“The kind he can fluff up 😁”

“Yoshi’s favorite bed so far is this one. The one that looks like a little couch, he likes to rest his leg on the side or rest his head and uses the sides as a pillow. It has orthopedic foam, #1 thing I look into when buying a new bed due to his arthitis. It’s the second one I buy. He destroyed his first one”

I like to have a dog bed or two in the room(s) we spend the most time in, and of course in the bedroom as well even if the animals sleep in bed with us. I also like to have a bed in a quieter area, room or corner for when they need quiet time if things get too hectic. Wherever you choose, make sure it’s warm and draught-free, but not in direct sunlight especially in the summer months.

A Couple of Extra Tips

♦ A shy dog may benefit from the igloo type of dog bed by providing him with an extra sense of security.

♦ If you have a multi dog household, think about one bed per dog to avoid fights

♦ If your dogs love to snuggle together, one of the beds you buy should be large enough for them to share comfortably.

♦ Make sure your children know to not disturb the dog when he’s sleeping. As friendly and loving as he may be, your dog could become startled and you don’t want any problems. Sorry for the cliché but in this case, it really is better safe than sorry.

♦ If you’re concerned about the environment there are eco-friendly beds to check out, and of course consider how you would dispose of a regular dog bed in the least damaging way.


You’ve probably realised, the must have bed every senior dog needs, is the one he’s going to be comfortable using.

That looks different for every dog, but I hope the information I’ve provided you with here will help you find the best bed for your dog.


I’d love to hear about your dog’s favorite bed, so leave your comment below. Remember, sharing helps others!


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