What is the Best Leash for a Senior Dog?

why a flexi leash for a dog is a bad idea

The majority of people I see walking their dogs use a flexi or retractable (as they are also known) leash, and I’ve seen a lot of accidents waiting to happen.  The best leash depends on your senior dog. If yours is anxious when on walks, a standard 5′ or 6′ nylon leash is a good … Read more

How to Put a Collar on an Aggressive Dog

how to put a collar on an aggressive dog

Whether your dog is aggressive, anxious or just being difficult, here’s how to put a collar on.  I recommend starting at the beginning, just like you would when getting a puppy used to a collar for the first time. For example, sit on the floor near your dog, put the collar on the floor, let … Read more

28 Great Ways to Spoil Your Old Dog

Best ways to pamper your senior dog

Of course we take amazing care of our senior dogs, that goes without saying. They snuggle with us when we’re feeling down, jump for joy when we walk through the door (or just wag their tail if they can’t jump!) and are the best companions ever. Sounds like they deserve a little extra pampering!! From … Read more

Does Your Old Dog Need Diapers?

Does your old dog need diapers

For pet parents of incontinent dogs, it’s a challenge dealing with the stain and mess left behind. They’re frustrated because they don’t know what to do to help their dogs, but also by the constant peeing on the couch, in their bed, on floors and carpets. Dog diapers are a great solution and perfect for … Read more

Helping Your Dog Adjust to a New Baby

Helping your dog adjust to a new baby

Most expectant parents have a lot of time to adjust to the thought of having a new baby. Over the course of many months they prepare not only emotionally, but also practically to all the impending changes. That’s wonderful, but how do we help our senior dogs adjust?     The best way to help a … Read more

5 Ways to Teach Your Dog Leave It

5 ways to teach your dog leave it

Teaching your dog “leave it” is an important cue, and should be practiced often. It’s a wonderful lesson in impulse control and could, literally, save his life one day. Whether it’s food he finds on the street, broken glass, anti-freeze in a puddle, a dog you’re concerned about or a child headed your way, knowing … Read more

Tips for Feeding a Picky Dog

Tips for feeding a picky dog

I have a picky eater so believe me when I tell you, I feel your pain. How frustrating is it when your dog turns his nose up at absolutely everything you give him! Sometimes he’ll eat the same thing for a few days maybe longer, other times he’ll sniff the bowl like it was filled … Read more