Promises I Make My Old Dog

To me, there is no greater joy than giving an old dog a home. It’s unthinkable some old dogs spend their last weeks, months even years on a cold shelter floor, unless they’re killed first. Harsh, but true. Rescuing an old dog brings joy to my soul, and I hope more and more people see … Read more

How to Treat Dog Dementia

How to treat dog dementia

I found one of the hardest things about Red having dementia was the constant circling. I’ve read a lot about dogs pacing, so perhaps she used to circle because she was blind.  Although dementia is progressive, it is encouraging how many treatment options there are that may help, especially with the anxiety. CBD Oil  I … Read more

Does Your Senior Dog Have Dementia?

senior dog care

Dementia can often go untreated for quite some time or forever, because there is no test to diagnose it. Many of the signs of dementia can be explained by other health issues. For example, a dementia dog can forget his housetraining and pee inside, but that could also happen if a dog has a urinary … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Dementia

Many senior dogs will develop dementia, also known as canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), but sadly it isn’t always diagnosed. That is because many of the signs typically associated with this disease are assumed to be nothing more than a part of the natural aging process. Some of the signs you will see in a dog … Read more

17 Ways to Entertain Your Dog in Winter

a sweater to keep your dog warm in winter

Exercise is so important for every dog’s physical and mental well-being, and that need doesn’t end when the beautiful warm weather does. As dogs age they don’t always tolerate the cold weather, so how do we ensure we still provide the physical exercise they need? A coat over a sweater, walking around a big box … Read more