Avoid These 15 “New Senior Dog Owner” Mistakes

Avoid these 15 new senior dog owner mistakes

If you’re a first time senior dog parent, then you’ll find the information below particularly helpful. The mistakes new senior dog parents often make include, not providing their senior dogs with enough physical exercise, not realising the importance of mental stimulation, ignoring changes in behavior and accepting a “your dog is old” diagnosis from the … Read more

Why is Your Dog Afraid of the Air Fryer?

why is your dog afraid of the air fryer

You finally got the air fryer you’ve wanted for so long, and now your dog freaks out every time you use it. What’s going on? Dogs hearing is much more sensitive to sounds then ours, so the beeping and high-pitched sounds emanating from some air fryers has turned many normally calm dogs, into a trembling … Read more

Is Anesthesia Safe for Senior Dogs?

Is anesthesia safe for senior dogs

There is a widespread fear among senior dog parents that giving anesthesia to a senior dog is too dangerous, and not worth the risk. Anesthesia is riskier for animals than humans, and when dealing with a senior dog the risk is greater. Having said that, I don’t recommend you refuse any procedure that requires anesthesia … Read more

Is Your Dog Afraid of Your Husband?

Is your dog afraid of your husband

Does your old dog run from your husband whenever he approaches? Is this a new behavior, or has she always been this way?  There are lots of reasons why your senior dog is afraid of your husband. Maybe he accidently stepped on her paw, they were out when something frightening happened and now your dog … Read more

Why Your Dog Gets Scared When You Cook

why does your dog get scared when you cook

It’s possible your senior dog gets scared when you cook, because he’s afraid you’ll feed him some of your creation! All kidding aside (this applies to me and my lack of prowess in the kitchen!), let’s talk about what’s going on. If your dog was in the kitchen one day when the alarm went off, … Read more