The Ultimate Guide to Fostering a Senior Dog

We’re all familiar with the concept of fostering children, but fostering a dog? Not so much! Below you will find details explaining what fostering is, and why you should consider becoming a foster dog parent.   NOTE: You can foster any type of animal, not just a dog! What Does Fostering Mean? Fostering or being … Read more

Understanding Senior Dog Behavior Changes

As our canine companions age, it is common for them to undergo behavior changes that may seem perplexing to their owners. Understanding these changes can help pet parents provide the necessary care and support to their senior dogs. If you notice any changes in your senior dog’s behavior, no matter how small you think it … Read more

End-of-Life Care Options for Elderly Dogs

As our beloved furry companions grow older, it’s important to understand the end-of-life care options available to you, in order to ensure their comfort and dignity. Comfort and Peace One of the most important aspects of end-of-life care for senior dogs is providing them with a comfortable and peaceful environment. You want to make sure: … Read more

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