Is Your Dog Afraid of Your Husband?

Is your dog afraid of your husband

Does your old dog run from your husband whenever he approaches? Is this a new behavior, or has she always been this way?  There are lots of reasons why your senior dog is afraid of your husband. Maybe he accidently stepped on her paw, they were out when something frightening happened and now your dog … Read more

Why Your Dog Gets Scared When You Cook

why does your dog get scared when you cook

It’s possible your senior dog gets scared when you cook, because he’s afraid you’ll feed him some of your creation! All kidding aside (this applies to me and my lack of prowess in the kitchen!), let’s talk about what’s going on. If your dog was in the kitchen one day when the alarm went off, … Read more

Supplies for Your Senior Dog

Supplies for your senior dog

Figuring out what supplies you need for a new senior pup is daunting. Just walking through a pet supply store or looking online can be overwhelming.  From water and food bowls to sweaters and beds, we’ll talk about it all right here! Four Important Things to Mention  Items are not listed in order of importance … Read more

How to Help an Aggressive Senior Dog

How to help an aggressive senior dog

Whether this behavior is recent or worsening over time, senior dog aggression can be managed. Snapping, snarling, and barking incessantly can all seem like aggressive behavior, but it’s often due to pain or anxiety. Medication, supplements and in some cases training, can all make a big difference. Does it feel like you woke up one … Read more

How to Get an Old Dog to Eat

How to get an old dog to eat

I have shared my life with old dogs who have refused or been unable to eat. It’s frustrating, worrying certainly a challenge. If your old dog is not eating, your first step should be getting him checked by your vet as soon as possible. Although there are many foods to try and tricks to use … Read more

How to Treat Dog Dementia

How to treat dog dementia

I found one of the hardest things about Red having dementia was the constant circling. I’ve read a lot about dogs pacing, so perhaps she used to circle because she was blind.  Although dementia is progressive, it is encouraging how many treatment options there are that may help, especially with the anxiety. CBD Oil  I … Read more