My Life as a Dog with Dementia

My life as a dog with dementia

My name is Red, or Rosie as my wonderful mom likes to call me, and I am a dog with dementia. Oh no, I haven’t even started my story yet and there she is with the waterworks already! This morning my mom, Hindy, decided to write a follow up post about what it’s like living … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Dementia

Many senior dogs will develop dementia, also known as canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), but sadly it isn’t always diagnosed. That is because many of the signs typically associated with this disease are assumed to be nothing more than a part of the natural aging process. Some of the signs you will see in a dog … Read more

Does Your Senior Dog Have Dementia?

senior dog care

Dementia can often go untreated for quite some time or forever, because there is no test to diagnose it. Many of the signs of dementia can be explained by other health issues. For example, a dementia dog can forget his housetraining and pee inside, but that could also happen if a dog has a urinary … Read more

What to Do If Your Dog is Afraid of Stairs

what to do when your dog won't go down basement stairs

Has your dog suddenly decided he will no longer walk down the basement stairs? Perhaps he’s been like that ever since you moved into your new house, or rescued him. Does he also resist going up stairs? If this is a new behavior, did something spook him? If he’s been this way since you adopted … Read more

What is the Best Leash for a Senior Dog?

why a flexi leash for a dog is a bad idea

The majority of people I see walking their dogs use a flexi or retractable (as they are also known) leash, and I’ve seen a lot of accidents waiting to happen.  The best leash depends on your senior dog. If yours is anxious when on walks, a standard 5′ or 6′ nylon leash is a good … Read more

How to Put a Collar on an Aggressive Dog

how to put a collar on an aggressive dog

Whether your dog is aggressive, anxious or just being difficult, here’s how to put a collar on.  I recommend starting at the beginning, just like you would when getting a puppy used to a collar for the first time. For example, sit on the floor near your dog, put the collar on the floor, let … Read more

28 Great Ways to Spoil Your Old Dog

Best ways to pamper your senior dog

Of course we take amazing care of our senior dogs, that goes without saying. They snuggle with us when we’re feeling down, jump for joy when we walk through the door (or just wag their tail if they can’t jump!) and are the best companions ever. Sounds like they deserve a little extra pampering!! From … Read more