What to Do If Your Dog Hates the Vet

Essential things to do if your dog hates the vet

What do you do when your dog hates the vet, but a health condition makes frequent appointments necessary? To help reduce anxiety, drive to the vet, park far enough away so your dog doesn’t react, give her treats and drive home. Try that a few times. If that went well, next step is walk her … Read more

Should You Get Rid of a Dog That Bites?

Should you get rid of your dog for biting

There’s a difference between a puppy nipping because he hasn’t learned bite control yet, a dog aggressively going after someone and biting them, and an old dog that bites due to stress, anxiety, pain or vision loss. Should you automatically get rid of your dog because he bit you or someone else? No. Just because … Read more

Why Your Dog is Afraid of Children

Why is your dog afraid of children

You’ve always wanted to raise a dog and kids together, but what happens if your dog is afraid of them? Using a process known as desensitization, you may be able to make it happen. This involves the gradual introduction of your dog to your kids, and rewarding him/her every time he/she remains calm. While the … Read more

Why is Your Dog Restless at Night?

why is your dog restless at night

It’s a pretty common problem to see senior dogs waking up in the middle of the night, or spending their nights pacing and restless. Not only is it rough on our dogs, it’s also rough on us when we lose sleep, affecting mood and the ability to function well. There are several reasons why your … Read more

How to Cure Dog Separation Anxiety

how to cure dog separation anxiety

What could be more heart breaking than watching a dog experiencing separation anxiety? Running from room to room, frantically looking for his people, and not finding them. There are varying degrees of this behavior, ranging from mild discomfort to ripping the house apart. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, provide plenty of physical exercise, … Read more