Walk with Hindy in Gosport

Walk with Hindy in Gosport

Welcome to Walk with Hindy.

I’m a certified dog trainer and experienced dog walker, offering individual walks for dogs that can’t walk with others.

I specialise in walking dogs that are:
  • Older and can’t keep up with their younger counterparts
  • Anxious around other dogs and/or people
  • Not used to being outside due to a rough start in life
  • Untrained and are difficult to walk

My passion for dogs goes beyond just a job. It’s a lifestyle that I’ve committed myself to, and I take great pride in providing your dog with the best possible walking experience. I’ll take the time to get to know your dog, and cater to their unique needs and personality. Whether your dog is anxious, reactive, or just needs a leisurely walk, I’ll make sure they’re safe, happy, and well-cared for. Leave your dog in my capable hands and watch them come back home with a wagging tail

I service the Gosport area.  
Walks are 30 minutes (£16.00) or 40 minutes (£22.00)
If you’d like to have a chat to learn more about my service, or to book an appointment I can be reached through my contact form, Whatsapp on +44 7503611163 or my FB page.
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