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Caring for a senior dog rescue comes with its own set of unique and rewarding challenges. It’s important to understand their specific needs so that you can provide them with the best support possible.

Caring for a senior dog is a deeply fulfilling journey!

why a passion for senior dogs?

After volunteering at a shelter, I realized that older dogs were not being adopted. Yes, because many people thought they were too old. However, I began to realize that there were not a lot of resources available to educate senior dog parents. That’s when I decided to establish Grey Paws and All where I share content about caring for senior dogs as well as tips, quotes and advice based on my years of experience.

Understanding a Senior Dog’s Specific Needs

From creating a safe space to understanding their backgrounds and health requirements, caring for a senior dog will make a meaningful impact in their lives.

please consider adopting an older dog so that they do not have to live the rest of their lives alone

There is nothing like the sweet soul of an old dog.

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Tips For Caring For Senior Dogs

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While serving as a volunteer at shelters in Toronto and Florida, I gained valuable hands-on experience.
  • Walked, trained, and socialised dogs
  • Fostered and adopted senior and special needs dogs
  • Served as an adoption advisor
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