Virtual Dog Training FAQs

Most of my senior dog training and consulting is done “virtually.” So even if you don’t live where I do (currently in Hampshire, England but it changes!!), you can now get solutions tailored to your specific needs from the comfort of your own home!

What is Virtual Training?

It’s the same as in person training, only this is done online from anywhere, customized to your needs.

Is Virtual Training Effective?

Absolutely or I wouldn’t dream of offering it!

Contrary to popular belief, your trainer doesn’t always have to be physically present to be effective.

Often times, in-person classes are informative, but the advice and the lessons can be generic, leaving you the task of figuring out how to implement that advice on your own.  

Because my training and consultation sessions are one on one, our time together can be spent however you like, focusing on whatever issues are most pressing to you at the moment, while I help you create routines and solutions you can implement in real time.

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Training?


  • Perhaps the area you live in doesn’t have organised training classes
  • Maybe you have been waiting several weeks for a current class to end before you can enrol in a new one
  • There may only be a couple of trainers in your area, all with long waiting lists for an in-home visit
  • You may have tried a couple of the dog trainers where you live, but haven’t been satisfied with the advice

With remote/virtual training I have more flexible hours, which means I am able to meet when it is most convenient for you. Even if that is while you are still in your pyjamas!!

Perfect for busy dog parents

We all have such busy lives, it can be hard to schedule anything “extra” these days! If you work long hours or travel a lot it can be hard to attend set weekly classes, or find those few minutes when you and your trainer’s schedules coincide for a home visit. Remote training can be done on your lunch hour at work. Eat while we chat…I don’t mind. What about on the train on your way to a meeting? Just not in the quiet car please!!

Virtual training means no matter where in the world you are, you can get the advice you need, when you need it.

Helpful for anxious and aggressive dogs

Some dogs are too anxious or fearful to be in a group class, or even have a stranger come into their home. Virtual training is perfect for these dogs. They’ll get the training they need, you’ll benefit from the support and advice and they will not be put into uncomfortable and stressful situations.

Lower cost

Having a trainer come to your home can be quite expensive. Not only are you paying for their expertise, they usually factor in travel time, gas, and mileage.

Virtual training means no extra overhead costs. My training fees are just that- for the training, plain and simple!

No breed restrictions

Some classes and even trainers don’t work with certain breeds because of concern or worry. That is never an issue with virtual training.

What Issues Can You Help With?

I’ve listed several below, but just because you can’t find your concern here doesn’t mean I can’t help. Message me and find out!

  • Barking…a lot!
  • Aggressive to other dogs and people while on a walk
  • Pulling so hard on a leash it makes walking difficult
  • Destructive when left alone
  • Accidents in the house
  • Ignores commands
  • Tips and advice for keeping an old dog comfortable
  • How to tell if issues are a result of old age, or something else is going on
  • Counter surfing
  • Jumping on people whether in the house or when out and about
  • Urine marking
  • Begging at the table
  • Running out the door
  • Making your home senior dog friendly

Can Virtual Training Help Me Socialize My Dog?

Socialization is all about teaching your dog to live in your world, and a big part of that involves being out and about. Having said that, it does not mean taking your dog on day one to the busiest part of town, and sitting at a café watching the traffic whizz by. It involves understanding step by step what to introduce him or her to, and how to do it gradually. That is easily done virtually.

My Dog is Dealing with Severe Anxiety. Shouldn’t You Be Here to See It?

Not being there to witness anxiety in person, shouldn’t impact my ability to help. I’ve had clients videotape some of those moments, then forward them to me before training sessions. You could also keep a journal of when you’re noticing the anxiety, how it manifests, what’s going on at the time, when it started, what you do to help…  

My Dog is a Nightmare to Walk. How Can You Help Via Video Call?

Take someone with you who can video a couple of your walks. I’ll be able to see what set your dog off, how he reacts and what you do to diffuse the situation. In most cases, offering step by step tips based on what I saw will make a massive difference.  

What Technology Do I Need?

A phone or laptop with a camera and an internet connection.

How Do I Prepare for My Training Session?

  • Check your internet connection is working and device is fully charged
  • Arrive 5 minutes early just in case there are any glitches
  • Bring your notes about the issue(s) you’re having including things like:
  • When the behavior/problem started
  • Was anything else going on at home at the time
  • Is there a particular time of day or location when you notice it
  • What you’ve been doing to help

…and anything else you can think of that might be helpful.

What Can I Expect During My Virtual Training Appointment?

  • My 100% commitment to helping you and your dog.
  • A review of the concerns discussed on our FREE 15 minute phone consultation, to see if things have changed.
  • My undivided attention while we talk about what’s going on. I will listen to your concerns, hear how you handle things, what’s working and what isn’t, and your concerns and fears.     
  • Steps to start implementing right after the call.
  • A gain in confidence and some relief, knowing you have support.

Is There Any Support After the Session?

Of course! I wouldn’t let you just drift.

I will send you a written report after each session, detailing what was discussed and a plan to follow. 

Email support for follow up questions or if you need clarification.

Can We Talk Before I Commit?

Absolutely! I get it. You don’t know me, you may have hired other trainers who haven’t been helpful, and you’re wary of spending more money. I offer a FREE, no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation. It’s your opportunity to chat about what’s going on, what you’ve tried, even your feelings and how you’re being affected by these issues. It will also be a chance for me to explain how I can help.

If you’d like to book your free phone consultation, just email me (Hindy) at

Relax…help is here!

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