“As a first time dog owner I needed a lot of help. Bailey would not listen or come back when called. He would bark constantly and beg at the table. A friend recommended Hindy, and within 2 days we had our first Skype appointment. She was so personable, patient and made me feel hopeful. Within just a couple of days the begging stopped, and he’s not barking as much. I couldn’t believe it! Bailey is now so much better behaved. I’ve learned so much, and life with Bailey is so much more fun. Thank you!” Wendy G., Toronto


“If you are experiencing behaviour problems with your dog, stop suffering in silence and call Hindy immediately. We were in the process of finding a new home for our dog Sam, but thanks to Hindy’s help and advice, we wouldn’t dream of giving him away.” Chris P, Hampshire


“I am so thankful I took the leap and hired Hindy to help us train Alice, our new 8 year old pup. She controls herself better around visitors, is becoming easier to walk, is much better at coming when called and is less hyper.” Marlene and Ian, Florida


“We adopted Maxx a year ago when he was around 3 years old, and then the nightmare started. On walks he was so aggressive he would almost pull arms out of sockets trying to get at the passing dog. He became more and more aggressive, and we dreaded having to take him out. After meeting with two trainers who didn’t help much, we found Hindy. Maxx loved her instantly, and we were not able to say that too often. She immediately helped us with the basics of schedules and routines, and gave us very helpful tips on how to make walks pleasurable for all of us. She was funny, compassionate, never made us feel incompetent the way others had, and best of all, her advice worked. We would not hesitate to recommend Hindy to anyone who is having problems with their dog.” Mandy and Kevin L., Florida


“I had no idea what I was getting into when I brought a puppy into my life. The chewing, peeing all over the floor, and never listening to me was turning my dream of having a dog into a nightmare. She created a plan for me to follow, and emailed me a copy so I wouldn’t forget. She called 2 days later to see if everything was okay, and asked if I needed help. Lila is now being crate trained, and things are going well. We have another video chat scheduled for next week, and I can’t wait to see what else I can learn that will help Lila become a great dog. My cousin is thinking to getting a dog, and have already passed on Hindy’s name to her. Thank you so much.” Yelena D., Costa Rica


“We have been blessed with the best trainer! Our 9 month old puppy had a very rough start in life. We rescued him when he was 6 months old, and quickly found he was shy and scared of most people. His previous owner had given up on him and kept him in either in the garden or a cage. Hindy’s knowledge of how to socialize a puppy was phenomenal. She tailored her advice to the needs of my dog, and taught me so much about how to care for, and train my puppy. We have had 3 video chats so far, and she regularly checks on how Teddy and I are doing. I noticed an improvement already, so thank you Hindy for teaching me how to train my dog and make it so much fun!” Denise S. Australia


“The non stop barking, jumping and destruction drove us to start looking for a new home for Maggie. With Hindy’s expertise and guidance, Maggie is getting better and we can feel like she’s a member of the family. We can’t thank Hindy enough.” Roger and Sharon F, UK


“I can finally leave the house and not be afraid of the state it will be in when I return.” Christopher L, Malta


“Munchkin wasn’t acting herself the last few months, and we were at a loss as to what to do. We took her to the vet a couple of times, but she kept telling us it’s just because she’s getting old. After going into details with Hindy about what’s been going on, she gave us her recommendations. She explained what we could do on our own, and what we should rightfully expect from our vet. We now have a new vet and a new plan of how to help our dog. Thank you Hindy for pointing us in the right direction.” Ned and Jody, Toronto

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